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Creatrust helps families, private clients and ultra high net worth individuals to organise and structure their wealth. We advise family offices on consolidating assets to protect wealth and transfer it to future generations.

Family Offices turn to Creatrust for our Family Vision, Family Structures and Family Office solutions:

  • Family Vision: Families have ‘visions’ or ‘mission statements’ which encapsulate their values, beliefs and objectives. Creatrust assists families with vision planning by analysing what matters most to them, as well as the legal and fiscal framework within which they operate, to formulate a common set of future goals.

  • Family Structures: With a clear vision of what needs to be achieved, Creatrust puts in place the necessary legal structures to hold, protect, preserve, organise and develop the family's wealth. The right structure is essential to succession planning and takes into consideration the interests of various family members, their country of origin, residence and tax situation.

  • Family Office solutions: Creatrust can provide family members with daily reports on their wealth and share of the family assets, and allows them to manage their wealth from a central 'dashboard'.

Our Family Office services

There are four pillars to the Creatrust Family Office service:

  1. Structuring wealth for inheritance planning: setting up and incorporating the right structure and transferring the wealth to a safe entity in accordance with the wishes of all the members of the family.

  2. Wealth consolidation and reporting: providing a full reporting solution to manage the family’s wealth globally.

  3. Wealth Protection Plan ®: preparing, in advance, the succession plan within the family

  4. Residence and re-domiciliation to or from Luxembourg

  5. Advisory: Managing art collections, banking etc.

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The Creatrust difference

Our strengths lie in building business relationships based on trust and supported by expertise. We sit ‘at the same side of the table’ as our clients and use our knowledge to deliver effective solutions. What makes us different is:

  • Independence – a true multi-family office which advises, measures, monitors and helps to manage family assets and wealth without conflicts of interest

  • In-house expertise – proven track record of organising complete wealth or inheritance situations, creating the best structures to hold private assets

  • Unique products and proprietary technology – innovative state-of-the-art solutions

  • Trust – is in our name and at the core of what we do

Our Family Office team offers an independent one-stop-shop for family offices and UHNWI that need robust, bespoke solutions backed by proven excellence in accounting, tax, legal and administration services. We protect family assets, add value and reduce overall cost wherever possible.

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