Private Wealth Management SPF

Société de Gestion du Patrimoine Familial - Private Wealth Management Company

The SPF is a dedicated vehicle for holding and managing the financial assets of an individual or family such as shares, bonds, cash, savings, equities, currencies, precious metal, derivatives, options, warrants, futures, or any other financial instruments.

It is an unregulated entity and does not require any business licence.

The SPF is exclusively designed for investors managing their private wealth; therefore shares of the SPF cannot be used for public placement and cannot be publicly offered or quoted on a stock exchange.

Eligible investors are:

a) Individuals managing their private wealth, or

b) Private wealth management entities acting for one or several individuals (trusts, family offices), or

c) Intermediaries acting on behalf of a. or b.

Prohibited activies

There are a number of prohibited activities, such as, but not exclusively:

Granting of loans:

The SPF is not allowed to render any kind of services, including the granting of interest bearing loans - even to companies in which the SPF holds a participation. It may however make cash advances or guarantee the liabilities of a company in which it holds a participation, but only on an ancillary basis and without remuneration.

Holding intellectual property:

The SPF is not authorised to hold directly any type of intellectual property.

Holding real estate:

The SPF may not invest directly in real estate. However, it may acquire holdings in corporations or other non-transparent entities that hold real estate.

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Creatrust specialises in providing services for private wealth management as well as the formation and management of Luxembourg corporate structures. At the core of our operation is a team of in-house experts specialising in accountancy, fiscal, legal and regulatory issues.


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