Plane Registration in Luxembourg

Selecting the right structure for the registration of an aircraft or helicopter

Luxembourg has developed over the last decades to become one of the most appealing locations in terms of structuring and planning assets for corporate, family office and high-net worth individuals as well as corporate businesses from all over the world.

When considering buying a high value asset such as an aircraft or a helicopter, HNWIs or corporate organisations need to be cautious of different key elements prior to their purchase.

Hence, a few important questions need to be taken into consideration:

  • Is the asset purely dedicated to pleasure or does it involve commercial purposes?

  • When will the asset be used and how frequently?

  • How should you report the asset financially?

  • How can you maximise returns while minimizing liabilities if rented out or chartered?

  • How does it affect your VAT and overall taxation?

  • How do you plan to protect the asset?

  • Would you like to add the asset in your succession plan or consolidate it with a business activity?

Creatrust offers different solutions to HNWIs or corporate clients wanting to add such asset to their portfolio through the formation a customized structure taking into account regulation, taxes and other elements.

Structures available for this type of setup consist of:

Creatrust services include:

  • Structure Setup

  • Advisory, Legal and Corporate services

  • Provision of Registered Office

  • Central Administration

  • Accounting

  • Reporting (VAT, Income, Wealth,..)

  • Aircraft management and crew payroll services

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