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Creatrust understands the requirements and the challenges corporate clients, fund managers and family offices can face in the structuring and managing of their companies and/or assets. We  proposes one-stop-shop solutions based on our professionals expertise in Luxembourg accounting, tax, legal, administration and financial matters.

Our Clients are Corporates, Promoters, Investors, Fund managers, Investment Managers, Wealth Managers, High Net Worth Individuals and Family Offices. They all recognise Creatrust as a partner of choice thanks to our working model and our in-depth understanding of the Luxembourg and international legal, regulatory and fiscal environment. Our values are based on an open communication, honesty and trust.

  • Corporate clients : seek our legal and fiscal advice for the successful structuring and administration of their private equity transactions, real estate companies, acquisitions, mergers, holdings, co-investments, income streams and intellectual property, partnerships, and financial plans.
  • Asset Managers or Promoters use our services as a one-stop-shop for innovative and expert design of the best solutions to pool investors' interests by creating and administering the most flexible and adapted Investment Vehicles, whether regulated or non-regulated.

  • Family Offices or Private Clients (HNWIs) entrust us with the mission to optimise the structuring of their wealth, assets, and portfolios. They seek our help in monitoring and optimising their investments and real-estate portfolios, whilst always taking into account any succession plans. Creatrust provides full reporting services, private asset consolidation services, and will structure a process for the production of a Wealth Protection Plan.

What our clients are saying :

"We would like to thank you for an amazing collaboration! "

"Many thanks for the message, Many thanks for your professional help and patience"

"Thanks for your email and for your kind collaboration as usual! Best regards. "

"I warmly thank you for the unequivocal efficiency with which this redomiciliation process was conducted"

"Merci encore pour votre professionnalisme et la qualité de votre relationnel."

"Dear team at Creatrust...As the year draws to a close and in a few hours all of you would be heading out on your X'mas holidays, we want to thank you for the role you have played so far in setting up our Lux entity.[...]."

"Merci à vous et vos équipes chez CreaTrust pour tout le travail accompli ces derniers mois ainsi que l'esprit constructif et l'attitude proactive."

"Dear Creatrust team, It’s with great pleasure! We also hope for a long-lasting collaboration because we have a lot in mind! " 

"C'est un très grand plaisir de travailler avec vous ! Nous vous remercions très sincèrement et profondément pour votre précieux accompagnement dans cette création. En nous souhaitant une très belle coopération " 

"We like to use this opportunity to thanks to all of you for marvelous work. We highly appreciate and we look forward to work with you in near future on many exiting projects"

"Thank you and mainly for your professional accounting services delivered to our companies"

"We have been very satisfied with the professional service of Creatrust [...]. Hopefully, in the future, I will have another good idea to approach Creatrust about and I will of course recommend Creatrust to people (as I have done a few times already)"

"I wish to personally thank you for your kind efforts and professionalism which you have demonstrated ever since we started our cooperation with your esteemed company.  I look forward to build with you a long and fruitful business cooperation in the coming years"

"Anyway Creatrust has helped me very, very much in the past which I sincerely appreciate and respect. Trust I’ll have a chance to return back in near future " 

"Thanks for your great support and our co-operation. I eagerly look forward to the time when we can do larger deals together..." 

" Bravo à tous pour votre réactivité !"

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