Private Assets Reporting

The Private Asset Reporting enables clients to:

  • consolidate all theportfolios held with the depositories, custodian and brokers

  • include non-financial assets such as private equity, loans, paintings, real estate, boats, and private equity in your overall patrimonial view

  • decide on the way you want to define asset classes and geographical areas

  • access your wealth situation in near-real time 24/7 via secured internet applications

  • connect to renowned data suppliers for daily instrument pricing and data base updates of publicly traded instruments

  • access over standard reports, or define tailor made reports 

  • export the data for further analysis if you wish


The services provided helps to:

  • compare the information (transactions, performance, deposits) in a harmonised and consolidated manner irrespective of the information source

  • detect and analyse risks generated by the positions you have with various custodian banks

  • identify potential conflicts of interest or contradictions between the strategies of your partners

  • compare the performance and the cost of your financial partners, all calculations being GIPS compliant

  • measure your risk using Alpha, Beta, Sharpe, Treynor ratios, Value at Risk, etc.

  • keep track of your holding’s history, even if accounts have been closed in the mean time

  • know your future cash flow structure

  • check fees and commissions levied on portfolios, grouped per banks, asset classes and even transaction types


Other Key features available in our Private Asset Reporting package:

  • portfolio(s) valuation

  • performance analysis (TWR + Modif. Dietz)

  • performance attribution

  • contribution to the performance by asset class and underlying

  • value at risk (VaR) and ratios

  • views of all asset classes, currencies, countries, etc...

  • projected cash flow

  • capital movements

  • lists of transactions

  • analysis of costs and fees

  • revenue structure

  • analysis of capital gains and losses

  • services available depending on number of assets and the frequency of the reporting



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