Securitisation Vehicles

Establishing a special purpose vehicle to securitise assets or risk to deliver cashflows.

Creatrust enables investors to create securitisation vehicles which transform their assets and financial futures cash flows into tradable securities (bond, shares, or hybrid instruments). We provide a range of services including central administration, legal/tax advice and security issuance. Securitisation is a process by which securitisation vehicle issue notes/units to investors and use the proceed to acquire assets, risk or future cash flows (underlying assets). The securitisation vehicle generates cash flows from the proceeds of the investments. The SV then pays investors coupon, interests or incomes linked with he cash flow  generated by the underlying  assets that are being securitised.

An extremely wide range of assets can be securitised:

  • securities (shares, loans, subordinated or non-subordinated bonds),

  • risks linked to debt (corporate or other),

  • movable and immovable property,

  • intellectual property rights

  • as well as any activity that has a certain value or future income.

Why Luxembourg?

The Luxembourg law allows the securitisation of many types of assets, risks, revenues and activities and makes securitisation accessible to all types of investor (institutional or individual). Issuers often issue securitisation vehicles as an alternative to traditional bank funding. Securitisation undertakings established in Luxembourg are incorporated by a promoter to securitise any type of assets or risks linked with receivables or any activities realised by third parties. The process of securitisation is understood as acquiring risks from an originator by issuing a security, the value of which and associated yields are linked to the underlying asset.

Setting up a securitisation vehicle

Creatrust offers two solutions to investors: creating their own securitisation company or fund, or using the Creatrust Securitisation Platform. This platform is used for simpler transactions and vehicles can be set up within a couple of days.

Contacts us for more information on setting up a securitisation vehicle.

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